After video surfaced of a woman throwing her dog into Lake Erie, social media erupted.

The cell phone video was taken by Elijah Boggs while he was at Tiki Beach in Vermilion on May 9.

It shows the woman picking up her dog and tossing him into the waves twice before he approached her and said he would call the police.

She said she was teaching the five-month old Lab how to swim, but comments on the video said she went about that the wrong way, some even recommending she’s charged with animal cruelty.

Vermilion Detective Sgt. Stephen Davis said the woman turned herself in for questioning after the video gained negative attention.

“She was crying, visibly upset when she came in,” Davis said. “She felt she did nothing wrong and was upset over all the attention it got. She meant absolutely no harm."

Police said they also interviewed the Lorain County dog warden and a local veterinarian office and both said there was nothing in the video that showed cruel intent.

The prosecutor’s office will review the case and determine if the woman in the video will face any charges.