ELYRIA -- An Elyria resident is causing quite the scare for a few local businesses.

The frequent patron of several downtown bars tested positive for active tuberculosis.

The Mercy Regional Medical Center Tuberculosis Clinic is investigating and conducted TB tests on the employees at Pudge's Place and Boomer's Bar on Broad Street.

Employees at the bars didn't want to speak on camera, but a few said the customer lived near the establishments.

Other local businesses are also concerned, like the owner of Frenchie's Guitar shop.

"I play pool on the local pool league," Greg French said. "We go in there to practice. I've been in there many times."

French frequents the same downtown Elyria bars as a resident with tuberculosis reportedly often visited from December to early April, right around the corner from the guitar store.

"I don't need anything like that. I've got bad lungs as it is," French said. "You would hope to think that when you go some place that it would be safe, but it's not the owners of the bars' fault. If someone's sick and they don't know it, what can they do?"

TB spreads through the air by close, prolonged contact when a person coughs or speaks, and some residents of the Elyria community can't believe the disease is even out there.

"I'm surprised though. I thought it was eradicated a long time ago. I guess some things just surface up," Paulette Jardini-Smith said.

She plans to warn her ballroom dance studio, while French plans to get tested, just like all the frequent patrons of those bars.

"It's scary though if you stop and think about it, with all the crazy stuff that's going on," French said. "Just add this to the pile I guess."

For French and plenty of other people who may have been exposed, the Mercy TB Clinic is holding free testing on Friday in Lorain. Patients can go to 1800 Livingston Ave., Building B, Suite 318 between 8:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. No appointment is necessary.

The results will be available next Monday.