The FBI resumed their search on Monday in Elyria for the remains of Tierra Bryant, the Middleburg Heights woman who was last seen 2 years ago.

Tierra Bryant would be 22 now.

She was last seen in Middleburg Heights on March 30, 2015, one week before her 20th birthday.

More than two years later, the search in the case that started at a hotel in Middleburg Heights leads investigators to Elyria. Command central is in a wooded area of Mussey Avenue.

The search started on Wednesday as investigators are probing the woods with canine units. A source close to the investigation that 39-year-old Rashad Hunt was in the search area with police on Monday.

Hunt was the last person Tierra was seen with when she left a text to a friend saying he was "acting weird." Last Tuesday, Hunt was arrested in Sacramento, California. The FBI says they have enough info to charge him with murder.

But at command central in Elyria, the quote from the FBI is that they "feel very strongly that this area needs to be covered."