There’s a battle in Lorain County.

Cupcakes, burgers and a little friendly competition for the county to be a destination spot.

Food is like air, right? We all need it.

At eight bakeries in and around Lorain County, they’re hoping to see new and old customers come through the doors during the month of October.

"At the beginning of October, we started something awesome, called the Cupcake Crawl,” Kelsey Smith, owner of Kelsey Elizabeth’s Sweets Boutique, said.

Each shop was challenged to come up with a new flavor.

"Our seasonal flavor for the cupcake crawl is our pumpkin spice cupcake,” Smith said.

Each shop is also hoping to see you again, which happens to be the point.

Lorain County Commissioner Ted Kalo said there’s a method to the proverbial madness.

"We're hoping just to raise the level that people see us as not just a pass through down the turnpike or I90,” Kalo said. “Actually a reason to stop here."

Since foodies have no borders, there’s more to this competition.

For 10 days at the end of the month, there will be a Burger Battle.

"We've got 12 featured restaurants,” Kalo said. “They're all making a burger off menu whether it's with red dragon cheese or gouda cheese stuffed or a hangover burger made on french toast."

From October 20-29, they’re inviting everyone to visit all of the restaurants and vote on which nine dollar burger they like best.

A win-win for both local businesses and the local county.

"You'll got all these people working really hard with these really great creations, providing great product at a great price so we're looking for people to stop here and really enjoy what Lorain County has to offer,” Kalo said.

There’s incentives for customers, too.

Click on the links provided to find all the bakeries and restaurants participating in the Cupcake Crawl and Burger Battle this month.