Early Sunday morning Firefighters in Lorain saved two people from a huge fire raging through a downtown apartment complex before the roof collapsed.

Even the people who live next door to the fully engulfed Thistle building at 7 th and Broadway had to be evacuated.

Five days later, it's frustration they still aren't being allowed into their building, the Charleston, that is still standing next to the burnt out one.

"They told us we are called the collapse zone. They're concerned the building is going to collapse into our building and saying we have to tear down Xanadu Studio and the Thistle building down but we just don't know when," says Heather Young.

She's the Residential Manager at the Charleston Building and is also displaced.

It's been 5 days.

"We left literally with what we were wearing," says Kendra Lane. She and her daughter and husband are staying with Grandma and grandpa since the fire broke out Sunday.

"People were yelling Fire! Fire! I looked next door the whole building was ablaze. It was a movie like fire"

"It was crazy! We were sitting 500 feet away a window exploded and landed on us 500 feet away! I was pulling glass out of my hair two days later," says Young.

She and Lane saying they "just really want to go home" to their building that's still in tact.

Lorain Fire Captain Todd Kieswetter told Channel 3 News they are airing on the side of caution and there isn't an exact timeline for tenants to get back in.

It's still an open investigation as Lorain Fire works with state inspectors to determine a cause that right now looks "suspicious".

Permits also have to be worked out with the insurance company to tear down the Thistle building.

"Every day they're saying tomorrow, tomorrow tomorrow," says Young.

"We just want to get back into our building between the city and this insurance company while people are on the streets they are haggling about the best price to tear the building down," says Lane.

If someone did intentionally set the fire,

"Shame on you! Shame on you because you put 30 people out of a home and lives on the line. The owner at the Thistle Building his dog passed away in that fire," says Young.

The Lanes say they are on a limited budget and it's as expensive as it is inconvenient each day they can't go home.