Dealing with victims of overdose is nothing new to Lorain County Sheriff's Deputy Dan Strohsack. "You almost become numb to it after being around it long enough," he tells WKYC Channel 3.

It's something else when it happens at your home and your wife has to spring into action.

While Strohsack was out picking up a snow blower on Monday evening, his wife, Lorain County Domestic Relations Judge Sherry Glass, heard a pounding at their door.

A man was desperately trying to get help for his friend, a man in his mid 20's, who was overdosing in a car just outside of their home.

Glass first ensured that her two children stayed safely inside the house, then went to investigate.

"My wife called me when I was on my way home from getting that snow blower and told me what was going on," said Strohsack. "She told me the man was turning blue, then was looking gray."

The Lorain County Sheriff's Department participates in a support car program where deputies can drive vehicles to and from work. They contain a supply of naloxone, which officers use to help revive those who are overdosed. Strohsack is one of the deputies who takes part.

The cruiser happened to be in the driveway, which is what made the man trying to help his friend stop the car at the house.

Strohsack instructed Glass how to administer the nasal spray. "Naloxone is dangerous," Strohsack explained. "After Sherry gave it to him, she hung up the phone, which made me nervous."

The man had a pulse, but would need two more doses of naloxone from arriving deputies before being revived completely. "Suddenly he popped his head up and was walking himself to the ambulance," said Strohsack. "One of the reasons why I wanted to get the snow blower was so I could put my cruiser in the garage. Had this happened a little later, the family of this man would have been planning a funeral."

"It's just unreal what the heroin epidemic is doing to our area, our state, and our country," Strohsack continued. "If it hasn't affected someone you know by now, chances are it will. It doesn't pick and choose."

"I don't know what the answer is, I just know that everyone deserves help."