Leaders of two cash-strapped Northeast Ohio cities are raising concerns over the current state budget proposal and what it could mean for safety and other services.

The mayors of Elyria and Lorain say the budget would take millions of dollars away from local government and put some of that funding towards addiction treatment programs.

However, these mayors say their own fight against the opioid epidemic is already putting a strain on their fire and police departments.

"We have experienced what I would call a challenging growth in overtime," said Elyria Mayor Holly Brinda.

Lorain Mayor Chase Ritenauer added, "Come to Lorain, it's difficult to cut our parks because I don't have the dollars to cut our city's parks. We can't replace police cars because I don't have the general fund dollars to be able to do that."

These mayors say that because safety forces are such a large percentage of the budget, cuts are often made there first.

State lawmakers have to finalize the budget by the end of the month.