LORAIN -- Friday marks the 70th anniversary of the historic D-Day invasion.

Some 70,000 American soldiers landed at Normandy, helping to break the Nazi regime of World War II -- including Faust Diso from Lorain.

"I remember it was a hell of a day," said Diso.

Diso is 98 years young, but he remembers D-Day as if it happened yesterday.

The memories are so strong, it still brings him to tears.

"Some of the things keep flashing in my mind that happened," remembers Diso.

He enlisted in the army back in 1942.

He was a paratrooper and glider with the 101st Airborne and the 321st Glider Artillery.

On D-Day, he arrived on Utah Beach by ship.

He will never forget seeing all the bodies in the water.

"Some were killed, some were trying to get out of the water," said Faust. "It was one hell of a scene. I feared I might be in that water, but we were lucky."

Throughout his military career, Faust earned some of the highest honors, including the Silver and Bronze Star and the Purple Heart.

He still lives in Lorain, in the same home he built with his wife after the war.

He credits his longevity to not drinking or smoking but staying active.

"I played ball, I bowled, I golfed, I got weights downstairs I used to lift," said Faust.

Faust says he hates war but believes in keeping the military strong.