Mother’s Day will have a special meaning this year for Cara Detwiler of Avon.

Late last year, her daughter, Emma, was born with a rare condition.

“The right side of her heart was too small to pump the blood,” Detwiler said, “Which essentially meant that the left side of the heart had to do the work that a complete heart would do.”

Doctors told the family that surgery could help. However, Emma ended up needing a new heart.

A donor finally came through in February.

“So, she got it on the 13th,” Detwiler said. “On Valentine’s Day we were able to celebrate this brand new heart for our daughter, this life-saving miracle.”

Yet the road continued to be rocky.

Emma still had difficulty with her liver and kidneys.

Cara ultimately quit her job and now spends most of her time at the hospital. Her husband, Sean, and 2-year-old son, Liam, are often there too.

“It’s taught me that we’re as strong as we can make ourselves and as strong as we want,” Detwiler said. “I think you’ll do anything and everything for your children.”

She tells WKYC Channel 3 News that she wanted to be a mom forever and that the experience of being Emma’s mom has taught her to love in a completely different way.

“You cry, you’re human, then you keep on going,” she said.

Doctors have not yet been able to give a firm date on when Emma may come home.

“She knows that I will have her back throughout everything and I believe in that little girl more than you know anyone ever could,” said Detwiler, a mom who, on this Mother's Day, continues to inspire.

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GALLERY: The Detwiler family shared several photos of Emma that you can see below: