NORTH RIDGEVILLE – A special meeting is scheduled, in part, to discuss the city of North Ridgeville's infrastructure needs after resident complaints of repeated flooding.

Department heads will present their ideas during an open discussion inside city council chambers.

Residents who experienced flooding damage on May 12 continue to rebuild their homes and lives.

"I think they've been looking into it for years and they need to follow through they need to follow through, before something drastic happens," says Resident Jackie Falk who lives in the Mills Creek neighborhood.

Falk says her condo flooded for the first time in May, but she knows other areas in the city, on the west side, that have had more problems over the years. Falk says she believes it will take everyone working together to make sure the issues are fixed.

Some residents have said feel the city grew too fast and the sewer system can't keep up -- especially during heavy rainfall.

The meeting begins at 9 a.m. Friday and is expected to last much of the day.