LORAIN -- Specialized police units are working to crackdown on the drug problem in Northeast Ohio and nowadays, with heroin use on the rise, the K-9 unit is more important than ever before.

"Their hearing is far superior, they can see better than us and their sense of smell is way better than any human being," explains Lorain Police officer Craig Payne about his German Shepard partner. "They can sniff out the narcotics when they're well hidden."

K-9 teams with the Perkins Township, Vermillion, Lorain and other police departments train twice a month in different locations for a total of 16 hours. If they don't, their skills could suffer.

"They're going to forget what that narcotic odor smells like, they're going to forget how to go out and to an article search, they're going to forget how to search a building," Payne says.

The training is also for the officers. When they get together they recreate failures and successes they've had in the field.

"It's what we try to recreate out here and it keeps the dog on their toes ad it keep us on our toes as well," he adds. "You take the drugs out of the community and I think you provide yourself a better community."