We keep learning of more and more ways Northeast Ohio is rising up to lift up those who have lost so much in Florida.

Plenty of people are seeing the possible: From replenishing supplies, to restoring energy in the Sunshine state.

"Let's send some Ohio love down to Florida."

That was the rallying call last week from Pastor Josh Smith to his Family Fellowship Church congregation in Amherst.

It turned out, in Lorain there was even MORE LOVE coming in.

"We prayed for 1 full truck and we have 2 full trucks going down," says Smith.

Lorain City Councilman Angel Arroyo got back from taking donations to Houston to find the goods just kept coming in in Lorain.

"Food, cleaning supplies. I was just overwhelmed when I came here," says Arroyo from the drop off point on Black River Lane.

Collectively Lorain and Family Fellowship Church are sending 32 pallets of water and supplies now destined for Florida.

Gene Lampshire of TFC Trucking in Columbia Station stepped up to take it all down for free.

"We've been blessed and we believe in giving it back," said Lampshire.

He donated the first truck…before Pastor Smith and Arroyo knew just HOW MUCH they had.

“I called him back in 10 minutes and he said I have a driver and a truck. We’ll be there in 90 minutes,” Smith explained.

That’s how they roll, for God’s sake.

Literally…for GOD’S sake.

Lampshire’s TFC Trucking stands for Trucking For Christ.

From replenishing supplies, to restoring power in the sunshine state, Northeast Ohio steps up again.

First Energy sent down 900 linemen, tree trimmers, and electricians working closely with those in Florida.

Spokesman Mark Durbin says sometimes it’s as easy as flipping a switch.

"It’s designed that if it detects an irregularity it opens up the power stop. Someone goes out to check it, pop it up and the power comes back on. At the end of the day we are all utility workers and we don't want those customers to not have power," says Durbin.

In Lorain they found power in prayer before pulling out.

"Yes, it was very powerful. We believe in blessing the cargo, blessing the people who receive it and anointing our drivers and equipment and that we get down there and do whatever God wants to do," said Lampshire.

Yep, that’s how they roll.