When you're 5 and trying to "crush cancer" you can use all the support you can get.

For Piper Samuels, and her family of Avon Lake, it showed up literally on their doorstep Tuesday evening.

They came from all over.

Families. All ages. Some were total strangers.

We’re talking hundreds of them, for one sweet girl.

See, Piper Samuels is in her words, “crushing cancer” that's attacking her little bones.

She and her family never saw the impromptu prayer vigil coming.

Hundreds stood rooted in gratitude and in faith on Piper’s lawn, when they leaned on a rock bigger than their own understanding.

The pastor’s prayer, resonating among outstretched arms.

“Through all of this God is glorified. Through all of this I know collectively with our faith miracles still happen.”

Wednesday, Piper loses a battle but not the fight, when doctors amputate her right leg from the knee down.

So clasmates lined up front and center to pray over their preschool friend.

"I'm here for Piper. Asking God so she can feel better and she can come to school," said 4-year-old Tommy Gliha of Avon Lake.

It only took a days notice to rally hundreds to the prayer rally for Piper by her preschool teacher.

"Because Piper is a bright light in this world and I knew it before any of this happened. That she was special and that she is going to do something special in this world," said Michelle Flauto of Little Learners Preschool.

Parents like Jen Mason of Bay Village hugged their own kids a little tighter when they said there was nowhere they could be other than on that lawn.

"Because we've all got babies, and we would all want the same support if this was one of our kids," said Mason.

"We want Piper to get better and we feel like prayer is a good way to do it," said 9-year-old Alexa Lopada of Avon Lake.

Flauto was thrilled that already thousands on social media are sharing what hundreds started on that lawn in Avon Lake on Tuesday night.

"Because God hears it all and I think he's going to do miracles through that sweet little angel," said Flauto.

If you would like to follow Piper's progress, you can visit the family's Caring Bridge site here.

WKYC Channel 3's Dawn Kendrick went on Facebook Live as the vigil was taking place. You can watch it below: