Elyria and Middleburg Heights police officers along with FBI agents spent a third day searching for the remains of Tierra Bryant on Tuesday.

Tuesday's search in the wooded area just off Mussey Avenue in Elyria was a little different. Three K9s and a backhoe were used to find the remains of Bryant, who vanished more than 2 years ago on March 30, 2015.

39-year-old Rashad Hunt was not a part of Tuesday's search. The man believed to be the last seen with Tierra in a Middleburg Heights hotel assisted investigators in the search on Monday while handcuffed. Hunt was arrested in Sacramento, California last week and charged with Tierra's murder.

The FBI maintains that hey have good intel to continue to search the wooded area, though they haven't confirmed they've found anything of interest yet. Officials have not said if they'll continue to probe the current search area on Wednesday.

Tierra Bryant would be 22 now.

Her family has always held out hope. In October 2016, her uncle, Isaac Carr, told Channel 3 News, "We just keep praying. We believe she is ok and we will hold onto that belief until we know otherwise."

What is being played out looks like "otherwise" for this poor family, waiting to see what comes of the escalated search in Elyria.

The agony continues for a family who held onto hope for so long.

Tierra’s uncle in May said,

“I am definitely hopeful she is alive. You just have to hold out hope. She is just full of energy. She's an artist, extremely ambitious. We miss her. We miss her. She meant a lot to a lot of different people," said Carr.