The leftover parts of what could be hundreds of deer are causing problems in Lorain County. 

The discovery came after a phone call about a bad smell coming from Ketchem's Meats in Grafton, according to Lorain County General Health District Commissioner Dave Covell.

WKYC Channel 3's Hilary Golston has spoken with Pete Ketchem, the man who owns Ketchem Meats. 

Ketchem admits that with the mild winter, the deer carcasses he was disposing of behind the business had started to smell.

Lorain County Health Department authorities estimate between 580 and 620 deer carcasses were processed, but are not sure how many were disposed of there.

Ketchem says he actually took on closer to 1,200 or 1,300 deer at his facility.

Even though the health department says a contractor has been called in to clean up. Ketchem says he's already been working to clear the deer parts, but couldn't get a proper dumping site lined up quickly enough to prevent the temporary storage.

WKYC Channel 3 reached out to the Ohio EPA and received the following statement: Ohio EPA is aware of the issue at Ketchem Meats in Lorain County.  We are providing technical assistance to the lead agencies at the site: the Lorain County Sheriff‘s Department, the Lorain County Health Department and the Ohio Department of Agriculture.  It would be best to check with those agencies.  There does not appear to be any runoff from the material at the site going into the nearby creek.