AVON -- Celebrating their 200th birthday, the city of Avon is in the midst of major redevelopment.

Once used as farmland then greenhouses, there's now shopping and eateries galore. One of the fastest-growing cities in Ohio, Avon has more than 23,000 people and a tax base jumping up by double digits nearly every year.

On the edge of Avon Commons, blueprints are taking shape on the new hotel Cambria, along with new restaurants.

At to the new Nagle Road exit, the Richard E Jacobs Health \Ccenter is already expanding into a 430,000 square foot, full-blown hospital. It's slated to open in 2016.

Behind the new fire and police departments on Detroit Road, the city is hoping to make a splash with a projected $4.3 million swimming pool.

All the growth translates to big bucks for the city but also big traffic jams.

The mayor is hoping smart lights and projects for adding turn lanes will help.