So How do you think your city’s taking care of the snowy roads? One city says it’s got Northeast Ohio beat with a new Super Salt.

Drivers may not be happy about all this snow

But in Brunswick....they're spinning out of control…with excitement.

"It's called S.O.S. I call it Salt on Steroids," says Paul Barnett, Brunswick Public Services Director

And it's the muscle the city has brought in to battle storm-covered streets in place of regular rock salt.

“Rock salt at 17 degrees and below becomes ineffective. This material, when you put it in the salt, lowers the effective temperature below zero," Barnett says.

And here's the other "sticking" point, if you will.

This salt is applied wet...pretreated with a chemical designed to stick to the roads and reduce waste.

“So you'll get at 30% decrease in bounce with the wet salt. So if you can pre-wet the salt when it drops off the spinner, a lot more will stay on the roadway,” Barnett says.

To test those claims, the city's not just relying on their sight, but sensors and cameras: $40,000 worth, provided by Envirotech, the company behind the chemical.

They're collecting data at two where trucks will spray regular salt, at the other...S.O.S.

“So we can look at those pictures now and start to get a feel for that,” the Service Director tells us.

“Well how does it look?” I asked

He replied, “It's too early to tell.”

But we didn't want to wait for several more storms...which is when the city says it will have accurate results.

So we did our own "unscientific" test to see how fast S.O.S. would melt snow.

And after 15 minutes...well...the rock salt rocked.

But remember, rock salt works fine at 20 degrees…and we were at 22.

This also didn't take into account the "bounce" factor.

Which may be why Paul's psyched about the new salt, even before the data is back. “I'm 98% sure this will work better than regular white salt," he says.

And that's from a guy who’s been doing snow for more than 20 years.

The salt costs about an extra 12 dollars a ton, but because of its effectiveness, the makers say you will need a lot less. We'll let you know as soon as the results are in.