Officials announced full autopsy results in the death of Bryon Macron on Monday.

Macron, a Lafayette Township trustee, went missing from his office in December. His body was found in Chippewa Lake in February.

On Monday, officials announced a cause of death could not be concluded.

WKYC filed a public records lawsuit to review a preliminary autopsy report. That report, released to WKYC in April, revealed Macron was stabbed multiple times in his neck, forearms and shoulder, but did not confirm if those wounds were fatal.

The report cited drowning and hypothermia as potential causes of death.

On Monday, Medina County Coroner Lisa Deranek said Macron suffered six stab wounds, but none caused his death. He did not suffer any bruising or blunt force trauma to his face or head. There was also no evidence of water in his lungs from drowning.

Deranek also said the hint of amphetamines found in Macron's system was a result of decomposition.

Macron's cause and manner of death were both ruled "undetermined."

Macron disappeared from his township office Dec. 16, 2016. A maintenance worker found signs of struggle in the office, including blood on the floor and items in disarray. Macron's SUV was found with blood inside parked three miles away at Chippewa Lake. All blood tested matched Macron's DNA.

"What we know is there's no one else involved," Media County Sheriff's Capt. David Centner said Monday.

Centner also noted that Macron incurred "a large amount" of financial debt prior to his disappearance. He did not provide additional details of that debt.

Despite the inconclusive autopsy, authorities say the investigation remains active.

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