Sadness may be turning to anger for the family of Lafayette Township trustee Bryon Macron.

He went missing shortly before Christmas only to turn up in February in Chippewa Lake.

The family recently hired an attorney, Richard Lille, who said he feels “stymied” by the slow release of new information.

“This is the most mysterious death that I have dealt with in my 37 years of practice,” he said.

He said he normally sees a full coroner’s report within three months of a person’s death. Four months have already gone by and Macron’s death has yet to be explained.

Earlier this year, WKYC Channel 3 News sued, and won, the right to see early autopsy results. Though they did reveal Macron was stabbed several times, the cause of death remained inconclusive.

“We need an autopsy report because it will provide us a roadmap as to where and how we believe the investigation should proceed,” Lillie said.

Yet it is an investigation that appears to have picked up.

Several people from Macron’s Township, including first responders, were recently swabbed for DNA.

His computer, which may have been used the morning of his death, is now with the FBI. Yet detectives have yet to break the encryption to see what is on it.

“It’s strange,” Lillie said. “It seems there’s been undue delay in this particular investigation.”

He adds it has all, in turn, led to a delay in determining whether the death was an accident, suicide or murder.