MEDINA -- Due to a water main break, the city is implementing a precautionary BOIL ALERT for today (June 6).

The AFFECTED AREA: includes Medina City residents living on Mallet Hill Court, Brandywine Drive to Willow Bend Drive, Brynmar Lane, Sugar House Lane, Alexandria Lane, and Goldcrest south of Willow Bend Drive.

Affected properties will have a boil order notice placed on the front door by city personnel by 7:30 p.m. today.

City officials say they will lift the boil order as soon as the test results are received.

The boil alert will remain in effect until at least Sunday morning (June 8)

As more information becomes available, the City of Medina will post updates on the city website.

During the alert, residents are advised to boil the tap water to be used for drinking at a rolling boil for one minute.