Her name is Erin Vandendriessche, but she’s also known as “Ninja, RN.”

Vandendriessche, a Medina resident and labor and delivery nurse at Cleveland Clinic Akron General, will be among those competing for a chance to become the next American Ninja Warrior.

“I haven’t been training to be a ninja warrior all my life,” said Vandendriessche. ”So I’ve been using my CrossFit to help.”

After college graduation about five years ago, the 26-year-old opened the Root 18 CrossFit gym with her husband. Vandendriessche was encouraged by family and friends to upload an audition tape to compete in the American Ninja Warrior event in Cleveland.

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“I’ve been climbing things my whole entire life," she said.

There’s no doubt that there will be plenty of things to climb.

“You need a lot of upper body strength. It’s basically a huge obstacle course and ending with a 14-foot hike up a wall," she added.

It’s a challenge she’s up for and it’s something she’s confident she’ll tackle with the support of her family and friends. Vandendriessche says it’s something that she’ll never forget and is a story she’ll share with generations to come.

“I'll tell them this was something that happened very spontaneously in my life and it was a really, really cool thing to be a part of.”