MEDINA CO. -- Summer storms turned severe Tuesday afternoon in parts of Northeast Ohio.

The National Weather Service confirmed a tornado touched down twice in Medina County, and another caused damage in Mahoning County.

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Morning thunderstorms and showers transitioned just after 1 p.m. Shortly after a tornado warning was issued, the National Weather service confirms an EF1 tornado that originated in Lorain County touched down in Valley City.

"It wasn't raining. It was just mostly wind. There was a LOT of wind," said Anthony Chaney.

"It almost sounded like a huge truck airplane," said Kim Haag.

Her friend and neighbor, Jeanne said, "It had been thunderstorming, but it was a very different loud, noise. And we both at the same time said, we think we need to get to the basement."

Ron Spooner says he spotted the twister near Columbia Road.

"We heard the big rumble and roar. We went back out on the porch and I seen a cloud with limbs and trees spinning around and I watched it head toward my mother's house," said Spooner.

An empty horse barn in the 900 block of Station Road was the worst damage Channel 3 News crews located.

Gary Garnet with the National Weather Service says winds reached 94 miles an hour, impacting trees more than anything, which residents started working to clean up quickly.

"Normally with these weaker tornados they develop really quickly and they tend not to last real long," said Garnet.

In this case though, Garnet says it appears the storm discipated, then dropped down again ten miles east in Hinckley.

It caused some minor roof damage to a home on Ridge Road and roughed up the course at Valleaire Golf Course along Boston Road.

"Most likely was the same storm the tornado, just two different tracks," said Garnet.

The National Weather Service was still calculating the tornado's total path Tuesday evening, while many people were picking up limbs and branches.

There were no reported injuries, said Garnet.