An Akron mother and grandmother have been sentenced for contributing to the overdose death of their son and grandson, 16-year-old Andrew Frey, who died in a Green, Ohio hotel room last April.

Judge Lynne Callahan showed no sympathy in the court room as she sentenced both Heather and Brenda Frye to 9-years in prison for the death of Andrew Frye.

“It boils down to personal responsibility and because of that a 16-year-old boy is dead!” said Judge Callahan.

Tears filled the eyes of both Heather and Brenda Frye as Judge Lynne Callahan sentenced both women to 9-years in prison.

Andrew Frye was found dead in a hotel room in Green on April 6.

The women told investigators that they had checked into the hotel to go swimming but investigators discovered drug paraphernalia and syringes in the room, and all three had been using heroin prior to Andrew's death.

Defense attorneys said there was no intent for Andrew to ever use the drugs. Judge Callahan said while the heroin epidemic is taking the nation by storm their case was different and she was basing her sentencing off of fairness and not emotion.

Brenda’s son Scott Frye teared up as he watched his mother and sister get sentenced to 9 years for the death of his nephew.

He told us he hopes this is a wakeup call for the both of them.

Donald Callaghan the grandmother's boyfriend, is scheduled to go on trial on one count of possession of heroin on Monday.