A new program that is supposed to help home buyers and renters may be hurting home owners.

Ohio’s Health Department recently released a list of homes with lead hazards and posted it online.

You can see the addresses here: https://www.odh.ohio.gov/odhprograms/eh/lead_ch/hazprop/pbhazproperties.aspx

The list contains 23 homes in Cleveland, 18 in Akron, and 21 in Canton. There was 1 home in Shaker Heights and 4 homes in Cleveland Heights.

The idea is to help people know whether a property has a lead problem before they move in.

But for those who live at those addresses, it is not good news, since fixing the problem can be expensive.

Some homeowners on the list tell WKYC Channel 3 News that they recently received a letter from the state informing them that their homes could face demolition. It also let them know of grants that could help save them.