NORTH BLOOMFIELD -- Emotions ran high as a volunteer searcher called 911 to report that he had found 2-year-old Rainn Peterson about 48 hours after the toddler went missing.

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The male caller told the dispatcher, "I found Baby Rainn and she's still alive...She's got flies all over her, but shes ok. It'll all be OK honey...You're OK sweetheart. I swear you're gonna be OK."

The dispatcher can be heard responding, "That's her I hear? Oh, I just got goosebumps."

You can listen to the entire 911 audio in the player below (mobile users LISTEN HERE)

The volunteer went on to comfort the youngster, "I couldn't give up on her. Thank God!...Hang on to me (Rainn cries) Hi Baby...You're so pretty...Look at all these people…you're famous."

Watch the video for the complete, unedited call, highlighting the moment the child was found.