His mugshot is plastered all over Northeast Ohio.

Joshua Gurto is at the top of the local U.S. Marshals most-wanted list. He disappeared after his girlfriend's one-year-old daughter, was raped and murdered earlier this month.

Now Pete Elliott, the U.S. Marshall for Northern Ohio and his team who are closing in on Gurto, have just been named the BEST in the nation in their district size.

They were following fresh leads on Gurto on Friday, but couldn’t disclose details.

"I know we're going to be closing in on Mr. Gurto's world so-to-speak and we're going to bring him into custody," said Elliott.

Elliott has not just an excellent track record, but one that's now nationally recognized.

Elliott and his team have been awarded the Distinguished District Award which makes them the best of 94 same size U.S. Marshall districts throughout America.

Elliott, at 40-years-old, became the 2nd youngest U.S. Marshall to head the district.

He was carrying on a family tradition. His dad, John K Elliott was a proud U.S. Deputy Marshall in the 70's.

The Northern Ohio U.S. Marshall's team also received the Oustanding Task Force award.

Part of that praise is in recognition of the 40,000 fugitives that The Northern Ohio U-S Marshall's team has brought in since 2003.

That's when Elliott started the Violent Fugitive Task Force and partnered with WKYC.

"We are strong partners with you guys on our 'Fugitive of the week.' We have captured hundreds and hundreds of fugitives just based on our FOW program with you. It’s been unbelievable," said Elliott.

Elliott constantly deflects credit, making sure it goes back to his team.

"I'm very proud of my men and women here. They are so highly motivated and very dedicated," said Elliott.

It's like Elliott predestined it.

In 2003 when he was appointed, he was quoted as saying, "When I leave here I want to have the most “motivated” Marshalls in the country."

Now they are THE BEST in the country and MOTIVATED to find Joshua Gurto.

"Rapists, robbers, murderers, the worst of the worst we have seen have been fugitives of the week. So when you make that list you know your time is coming," said Elliott.