CLEVELAND – It was a busy Fourth of July weekend for the Coast Guard and State Highway Patrol.

Over the entire Great Lakes system Friday and Saturday the Coast Guard reports their officers saved 10 lives and assisted 128 people.

11 people were cited for operating a boat while under the influence of alcohol.

On the roads, In Cuyahoga County alone, seat belt arrests, crash numbers and OVI's (Operating A Vehicle While Intoxicated) were up from last year.

The Cleveland State Patrol considers the weekend, the period between Thursday and Sunday.

Last year, 21 OVI's were reported so far.

Already 38 have been documented.

In 2013, 78 seat belt citations were documented as compared with 211 arrests from this year over the holiday weekend.

Crash numbers, however, are only up by one so far. Six crashes happened over the Fourth of July holiday weekend last year and seven crashes have happened this year so far. None of those crashes have been fatal.

Late Friday night the Coast Guard helped rescue 8 people and 2 dogs from their 40-foot boat. The boat had crashed into the break wall near Burke Lakefront Airport.

Officials say a good Samaritan called to report the incident.

The boat was partially lodge on the structure with a 3 foot-3-foot hole in the hull.

The Coast Guard reports "One of the passengers reported having back and shoulder pain, and another was having trouble breathing. No other injuries were reported.

All of the people and the dogs were brought aboard the response boat and taken to Station Cleveland Harbor where they were met by awaiting emergency medical services."

Authorities performed field sobriety tests ont he person driving the boat and he or she passed.