WESTLAKE - The city of Westlake is a little closer to finalizing a deal to bring a new resident to town. The city has been in talks with the greeting card company, American Greetings, about relocating from Brooklyn to Crocker Park.

Thursday night, city council passed a tax incentive and agreed to take out a state infrastructure loan giving American Greetings 20 years to pay it back.

The city would get a guarantee that Westlake schools gets $455,000 a year in tax money and economic development in the form of 1300 jobs.

Westlake Mayor, Dennis Clough, says a deal is very close, but "you're always negotiating until you sign on the dotted line."

Some residents are worried about their new neighbor's garage, a multi-level structure not 150 feet away from their back yard.

Resident Jeff Wang says, "It's going to bring in a lot of money for Westlake and it's going to make Westlake a more desirable place, which is great. I just hope something can be done to make it less disruptive and just less of an eye sore."

Mayor Clough says a few more details need to be worked out before the deal is finalized, but he's believes that it will be official next month.

As far as Crocker Park's planned civic area, including an ice skating rink, concert area, and farmer market, the city says bids were coming in too high and they'll have to reevaluate that addition.