CLEVELAND -- After two days of talks held out of the media spotlight, Mayor Frank Jackson and Host Committee Executive Chairman have issued a joint statement broadly recapping what took place and what's next.

A handful of Republican technical staffers lead by Site Selection Committee Chairwoman Enid Mickelsen were here Monday and Tuesday.

The remarks came through the city's tourism promotion group Positively Cleveland.

"The committee took a deeper look at our facilities and hotel package as as well as got an update on our bid. They showed no concerns.....They wanted to discuss some creative ways to best utilize our city's many assets and ultimately put forth the best proposal for consideration among the entire site selection committee," the statement read.

Cleveland is vying with Dallas to host the 2016 Republican National Convention.

Cleveland is offering two starting dates, July 27 and July 18. Dallas is offering only the July option.

The challenge in Cleveland is to convince Republicans Quicken Loans Arena can honor its NBA commitment to be both play-off ready and convert the Q into the convention flagship in time for the June date.

The committee could meet later this month and decide to begin negotiations with one or both cities.

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The hope is to have a signed, sealed and delivered contract to announce Aug. 8 at a GOP meeting in Chicago.

Jackson and Egger's walkoff comment...."Now our job is to keep the foot on the gas and bring this convention home."