CLEVELAND -- Matthew Hackett is a fourth generation plumber of 15 years and he says he's never seen anything like the last three days.

Plumbers are swamped with calls to make repairs on broken pipes. Some have call backlogs that wills stretch for days.

Hackett works for Neptune Plumbing. He says he and his colleages have been working until midnight and returning to the job at 5 a.m.

The problem is broken, frozen pipes now thawing and bursting as the weather warms.

It's a big problem for Cleveland water crews too. They've been averaging 13 pipe or valve repairs a day for the last three days. That's almost triple the normal total. They are working double shifts. It's a difficult and waterlogged job.

And plumbers can expect to be busy for a while. Many of the first repairs were emergency band-aid fixes. In the coming days, they'll revisit customers to make more permanent repairs.