BRUNSWICK -- The brutal cold and never-ending winter weather has created a shortage of firewood in Northeast Ohio.

Most people are buying it for normal fireplace use, to create a warm atmosphere for home-bound families.

But others are burning it as a substitute fuel, instead of using propane or natural gas.

Brian Madden co-owns a year-round firewood business here. He's one of the relatively few dealers who has a supply left.

Madden sells what he calls "boutique wood.

"This has been a crazy year for the firewood business. It's been a great year," he said.

"Our firewood does not compete on price. We are one of the highest-priced companies out there...I think most firewood we sell is being used for ambiance on the weekends," he said.

But most suppliers are like North Royalton's Mike Leonti.

The front parking lot of his landscaping business would normally be filled with piles of wood now. Instead, it's just filled with piles of snow. He says he ran out shortly after getting his supply. And he sold 50 percent more than a normal year.

He says that, next year, he will expand his business and process wood year-round so he will have an adequate supply.