ELYRIA -- While many people are looking forward to the warmer temperatures, others are getting their homes ready for flooding.

The Black River in Elyria is known for flooding. The city and homeowners are being proactive for this thaw.

"If we get rain, it's going to be a big-time flood," Elyria resident Rich Shreve said. "Big time."

Shreve knows about "big time" flooding. He lives very close to the Black River, but he's at the top of the hill, and Shreve's neighbors are at the bottom, where it floods the most.

"They don't mind it, they're used to it," Shreve said. "They prepare for it. Most their houses are up off their ground. They move all their stuff up. A lot of them park their cars up here in my driveway."

Shreve said some people have kayaks just to get out of their house and pass through the road.

The city is encouraging homeowners to call if they have any flooding or drainage issues.

"We're going to be watching it, and we'll have crews available for whatever we need to do," Elyria Superintendent of Wastewater Control Terry Korzan said.

Crews have already spent the day checking out problem spots, helping clear the drains, and Shreve is ready to help, too.

"Every now and then you get a dummie that drives down there and drives into the water, and I'll pull them out," Shreve said. "You just can't stop Mother Nature, the flood. It's something you just can't stop."

Elyria is expecting about 2 inches of water just from the from snow melting. The additional rain could make it about 3 inches, but Shreve said he's handled a lot worse.

NOAA is reporting that the Black River is at just above 2 feet this morning, but are projecting it to crest at over 11 feet by early Friday morning.

Crews will be on call all day Thursday for anyone with flood problems.