On an average day, the people at H Jack's Heating and Plumbing make around 60 to 80 calls.

But during an incredibly cold day, they plan on fielding at least 400 to 600 calls.

Bitter cold weather means big business and long hours for people like Steve Taylor at H Jack's.

"We go nonstop," Taylor says.

Every single employee at H Jack's is either on the job right now or on call.

Taylor's day began fielding phone calls in the middle of the night.

How many?

"Enough that I lost count," he says.

That first round of calls was for plumbing issues following Sunday's rain.

But when the temps started to drop, those calls turned into furnace problems.

"The colder it gets, the harder the furnace works," says Taylor.

One desperate call came from a church in Cleveland.

"They had a boiler line that froze and split open," says Taylor.

Then, H Jack's got a call from the Fire Department. The furnace at a home in Cleveland had caught fire.

Thankfully, H Jack's was able to install a new one.

But the day, and this cold snap, are far from over.

Monday night, H Jack's is gearing up for a long night of frozen or burst pipes.

"Once the wind picks up tonight and the sun goes down, I expect we're gonna get hit pretty hard. I'll get some sleep, but not a lot," says Taylor.

To stay ahead of this cold weather and to ensure your pipes don't freeze, Taylor recommends that, if you've had issues with a line freezing in the past, you keep the faucet at a slow drip. Moving water, he says, will not freeze.