This week some local private schools will begin drug testing their returning students.

Senior Health Correspondent Monica Robins brought us this story earlier this year and now explains why and how the program will work.

For some, drug testing kids is a controversial issue. But several schools in Northeast Ohio have adopted the practice..

Now that school is getting back into session, St. Edward's, St. Ignatius and Gilmour Academy will be testing their students..

Losing a chunk of hair will be a reality to determine if a student has used drugs in the last 100 days.

They were told about the program at the end of school last year and, if they had been using, they had the summer to get clean.

Some consider it an invasion of privacy but private schools have the ability to make it policy and cover the $40 per test cost.

School officials says it's about keeping kids safe and it's hard to argue against that.

If a student tests positive, the information is known only to the parents and a counselor. There is no punishment for a positive test.

The schools chose the hair test because it can detect several different types of drugs. It also gives the student a way to respond to peer pressure -- if your friends are doing bad stuff, it's tough to say no, but with this it just became easier.

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