NORTH RIDGEVILLE -- Not everyone enjoys the bright lights and loud noises every July 4th. Some pets just don't understand fireworks, or thunder for that matter.

The 4th of July holiday is the busiest time of the year for animal shelters because of it.

Chuck Stella, owner of Elite K911, says not to take your pet with you to the fireworks because it's just asking for trouble.

He recommends leaving them at home in a crate with the television or radio on. Stella also says he's had 75-80 percent success using the Thunder Shirt, which goes on like a vest and helps to comfort nervous dogs.

His biggest advice is to expel the pets' energy beforehand. Take them for a long walk, run, or play fetch to tire them out before the big sky display.

Only 26 percent of runaway dogs are returned to their owners, according to American Humane, so make sure your pet is properly tagged.