LAKE COUNTY -- While it might not look like it's moving, water is running below the surface of the Grand River and the Chagrin River.

And like the Chagrin River, at this point, the mouth of the Grand River is open and water is being flushed out. But crews are keeping an eye on water levels and maintaining vigilance.

It's that time of year, ice melt on local rivers keeping residents, city officials, and the U.S. Coast Guard on alert.

"At this point, it's a monitoring condition. We are asking residents remain vigilant and they do," says Eastlake Fire Chief Ted Whittington.

Several times a day, Whittington is checking the water levels along the Chagrin River.

"The water levels are actually low now," says Whittington.

But with warmer temps and rain on the way, it might not stay that way.

As this ice breaks up, it can accumulate up river, creating a natural dam.

"As it gets colder, the ice will get deeper, larger, chunks will form. It keeps piling and piling and piling, preventing the flow of water," says Petty Ofc. First Class Michael Davis, with the U.S. Coast Guard.

Davis says they have to take their cues from the National Weather Service and, it this point, while they're monitoring the Grand River and the Chagrin River, they are not yet concerned nor taking action.

"We are not on standby, but we are on ice rescue standby," says Davis.

So at this point, flooding is less of a concern compared to people who venture out on the ice and then fall in.

But as Jeffrey Powell, who works at Pickle Bill's restaurant says, it's better we all keep our eyes on the river because, when it comes to weather in Northeast Ohio, you never know.

"You can never tell about Mother Nature," he added.

The Mayor of Eastlake also met with the EMA Director today.

Just in case, they're double checking the resident alert system in case flooding does become an issue.