CLEVELAND -- Michelle Knight has discovered that the fame that followed her escape from Ariel Castro's Cleveland house of horrors cuts both ways.

She has money and her own apartment thanks to the proceeds from her memoirs and donations collected by two separate funds.

She is using social media to reach out to others who have struggled. She even changed her name - to Lily Rose Lee.

But she is finding that fame also has its drawbacks.

She says people from her past have re-emerged looking for money. Crowds of people sometime bother her as she walks along the streets of Cleveland.

She tells The Associated Press in a recent interview that she believes God has a plan for her and that she will use her experience to help others be strong.

According to the Mansfield News Journal, she has developed certain phobias and, having lived in filth for so long, she's become a compulsive cleaner.She also keeps her apartment drapes open after living in boarded-up rooms inside the Castro house.

She now becomes frightened when crowds sometimes gather around her as she walks alone and her aspirations for the future include becoming a chef and owning a restaurant and recording music.