CLEVELAND -- The Greater Cleveland Film Commission confirmed that the movie "Criminal Activities" will be filming in Cleveland.

The film stars John Travolta (Pulp Fiction, Wild Hogs), Michael Pitt (Boardwalk Empire, Seven Psychopaths), Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey, The Fifth Estate), Rebecca Da Costa (Entourage), and Jackie Earle Haley (Little Children-Oscar Nominated, Lincoln).

Haley also will be directing.

The film was written by Robert Lowell and is being produced by Wayne Rice, Howard Burd, and Micah Sparks.

The executive producers are Mark Johnson (Fear Clinic and Miss Meadows, both filmed in Cleveland), Warren Ostergard (Freerunner and Cleveland native), and Daniel Diamond.

Filming is scheduled to start later this spring in and around Cleveland, Ohio.

What's the movie about?

When four young men reunite at an ex-classmate's funeral, one of them offers up some inside information on a stock that's a guaranteed lock to make them all instant millionaires. Unfortunately the deal goes south, along with their investment. Things go from bad to worse when it's revealed one of the boys borrowed the lost money from a mobster.

"For me, having a film commissioner that understands the needs and challenges of the independent film maker is the number one factor in choosing the city to film in," said producer Wayne Rice.

"The Ohio Incentive Program is a great opportunity for our Industry, coupled with a fantastic Cleveland Film Commission that understands our business and what we need to succeed; coupled with great locations and hard working crews make the Ohio Program tough to beat," said producer Mark Johnson.

"Nothing is better than coming back to my hometown to make movies, coupled with a great tax incentive and the support from a great local crew and film commission," said producer Warren Ostergard.

"A critical part of the Film Commission's work is attracting projects by showcasing Northeast Ohio, so when Mark Johnson, Wayne Rice and Warren Ostergard expressed interest in filming in Cleveland, we showed them everything our city has to offer," said Film Commission President Ivan Schwarz.

"Our ability to win these exciting projects is because of our competitive financing through the Ohio Motion Picture Tax Incentive and our collaborative public partners. This film will not only turn the spotlight once again on Cleveland, but create jobs and generate crucial revenue for our region."

The Greater Cleveland Film Commission is committed to building a year-round, sustainable statewide film industry through job creation, workforce development, and attracting media production.