NORTH ROYALTON -- Monday night's rains brought a lot of flooding and, according to viewer Jeremiah Sawyer, it also brought a "river monster" into the streets.

"The neighbors they pointed out, they saw, like bubbles and stuff moving around over here. Then eventually we saw the fish actually surface and we saw how big it was," said Jake, his 16-year-old son.

Jake decided to rescue the grass carp.

"I was wearing Crocs. It was the first thing I saw so I just grabbed my Crocs and ran in the water," he said. "Hillbilly fishing."

The fish, which appeared to be about 3 feet long and weigh about 40 pounds, was a white amur, which can grow up to 80 pounds.

Little brother Luke got it all on camera.

"Right here, I managed to get it trapped in this corner, and I just kind of went like this, and it got stuck up here, and I just kinda grabbed my hands around it and just lifted it up," said Jake. "And I had this whale of a giant fish. ... My arms were falling asleep once I was walking back. It was a good 40 pounds."

After taking photos, Jake walked the fish back to the pond beyond his home.

Jake says there was no time for names. He's just glad the fish survived the storm.

And it left him with a few videos worth sharing.

"Our basement got flooded, and we were still were able to make it an enjoyable night considering," said his dad, Jeremiah.