NORTON -- Snow melt on homes leads to ice dam dangers.

Ice formations can be beautiful this time of year, unless they're hanging off your roof.

Ice Dams are a serious problem and can lead to dangers in the home. Aaron Carter, of Perfect Power Wash, says this is a busy time of year for his crews. They see the damage ice causes. "We've had people taking carpet out of their homes, the water comes through light fixtures, causes electrical problems," he said.

Accumulated snow on roofs is the main culprit for ice dams. As it melts, it trickles to the gutters where the water freezes, forcing any other water from melting snow to back up into the roof and inside the home.

Homeowners are encouraged to call a professional to remove the ice. Using hatchets or icepicks could damage the spouting or roof.

We use steam, water heated to 250 degrees, to melt the ice from the gutters," Carter said. The cost of power spraying ice dams is much less than the cost of replacing a whole roof.

To prevent ice dams from forming, try and remove snow from your roof. There are rakes and shovels you can buy at local hardware outlets or you can call the professionals.

For information on ice dam removal, you can check out Perfect Power Wash at their website Perfectpowerwash,com