ID=8789767CLEVELAND--The sign outside the building originally built to be the hub of Cleveland's daily newspaper still says Plain Dealer.

But this weekend will see the move of the final 38 Plain Dealer editorial staffers still in the Superior Avenue location.

They are moving to space in the Plain Dealer's production facility in Brooklyn.

Wendy McManamon, spokesperson for the Newspaper Guild that represents the dwindling number of unionized PD workers says the move will "put a final stamp on the union-busting farce" of the business plan that's made the web king of the Northeast Ohio Media Group and aggressively reduced the prominence of the paper and the roles of union staffers.'s younger, less-experienced , more tech-savvy and non-union workers will move into remodeled space previously used by the former daily newspaper.

In earlier coverage to announce the pending relocations of staffers, NEOMG President Andrea Hogben said the made-over Plain Dealer Building will "showcase our digital capabilities and promote a culture of innovation and creativity."

Most Plain Dealer reporters are now in space in the Skylight Office Tower in Tower City.

McManamon said the reconfiguration means that editors located in Brooklyn will have to call or email reporters to ask questions that formerly could be raised face to face in the old newsroom.

She described remaining Plain Dealer staffers as a family.

"No matter how physically separated we are, Plain Dealer journalists will keep doing what we do best...." adding "we have to speak up when our integrity is at stake."

Last August, the Plain Dealer began publishing just four days a week with almost 60 staffers taking buyouts or being laid off.

The new business model puts a premium on website content.

The Northeast Ohio Media Group stresses that it's editorial operations remain committed to Downtown Cleveland.

One question, will the familiar Plain Dealer sign disappear and be replaced?

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