PUT-IN-BAY, Ohio -- The manager of Mister Ed's Bar is accused of two felony counts of raping a co-worker for an incident that happened in May.

Initially, the woman claimed she might have been drugged, but she did not seek treatment until the following day, which would be long after any drug would have been out of her system.

Still, date rape drugging is something women coming to the island are thinking about.

According to published reports, eight women claimed to have been drugged on the island, but it's difficult to investigate those cases because the drugs typically metabolize in 12 hours, making it hard to find evidence. Still, women are planning to protect themselves...

Chris Blessing, 32, of Port Clinton, is accused of raping his co-worker after visiting several island bars with her.

She told police she didn't remember what happened until 2:30 a.m. when she woke up with him on top of her. He is not accused of drugging her.

Blessing posted a $100,000 bond but was ordered that he not serve alcohol while out on bail.

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