ID=14722047CLEVELAND -- The impact of Josh Gordon being suspended by the NFL is being felt and talked about in Cleveland. On Wednesday. the wide receiver was suspended for the entire 2014 season after a positive drug test.

GORDON SUSPENDED: Josh Gordon to be suspended for the year, miss training camp

WKYC Channel 3 got the word on the street from key people including a former Browns player.

Greg Vlosich the owner of GV Art + Design created a "Free Gordon" shirt to indicate his position on Gordon's suspension. "I think the punishment was a little bit harsh," Vlosich told WKYC's Hilary Golston.

The shirt shows Gordon's face with the words "Free" above the picture and "Gordon" below it. The t-shirt is colored green, yellow and red, which is significant. "We just thought about the whole reason he got suspended I guess… kinda played up the whole Bob Marley Rastafarian theme," Vlosich said.

The shirt is a visual and not so subtle connotation for the reason Gordon was suspended: a positive marijuana drug test.

Vlosich's team created the shirt almost immediately after the news broke. "It's just our opinion," Vlosich mentioned. However, Vlosich says the majority of people who have commented on the shirt stand with Vlosich. There are some naysayers. "Not everyone is going to agree with our shirt or our decision to have this statement," Vlosich reported.

In fact, former Browns player Al "Bubba" Baker says that Gordon broke the rules and so in turn he has to pay the penalty. "What do you want to do… you want to take up the Supreme Court with something like this?" Baker told Golston. "You have to live with it and get on with your life."

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