WESTLAKE -- Police and local fire departments all got involved when a domestic dispute escalated Wednesday morning.

In the end, six fire departments responded to the scene and two city police officers were attacked and were taken to St. John Medical Center.

Police say here is what happened.

At 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, a 59-yr-old Savannah Pkwy resident called police and reported a domestic dispute with a family member. Officers arriving on the scene found the home's attached garage on fire.

The Westlake Fire Department arrived and also called fire departments from Avon, Avon Lake, Bay Village, North Olmsted, and North Ridgeville for mutual aid.

Police say that the family member, a Lakewood man, 28, is believed to have deliberately set the fire, which totaled a Lexus parked in the garage.

He also struck a 59-year-old female relative with his hands, damaged numerous rooms and furnishings in the house with a golf club, swung it at a 56-year-old male relative, and then fought with officers on the scene.

Initial taser use and pepper spray did not stop his resistance but a final taser deployment did allow three officers to subdue him.

The Lakewood man was taken by police cruiser to St. John Medical Center for treatment of minor injuries, as were two Westlake police officers.

A male officer received treatment for cuts and bruises and back pain and was released. A female officer declined treatment after the Lakewood man had kneed her in the groin. Both are back at work.

The male relative suffered minor burn injuries and was treated at the scene. The female relative was not injured.

The suspect suffers from a psychiatric condition and has been taken to a Columbus-area mental health facility, police said.

He has not been arrested so we are not identifying him.

Charges to be presented to the grand jury include aggravated arson, assault on a police officer and domestic violence.