911 calls released Thursday reveal what callers saw as a portion of a ride coming loose at the Ohio State Fair, killing one and injuring 7 others.

"It's busted and people went flying," a caller can be heard saying to dispatchers after seeing a row of seats detach from the fire ball ride.

Another caller said "one of the mechanical arms of the ride separated."

Thursday, WKYC Channel 3's Danielle Serino discovered the Fire Ball's manufacturer issued an urgent 2007 bulletin about structural flaws with the ride's swing arm.

It's unclear if structural flaws contributed to the deadly incident, but the calls reveal at least two people were stuck inside of the ride and had to be retrieved using "extrication equipment."

Tyler Jarrell, who had been recruited by the Marines and had just taken his oath seven days ago, was apparently thrown from the ride and was pronounced dead on the scene.

Governor John Kasich, who was on scene today, indicated the show must go on and despite the rides being closed Thursday, said Ohioans should still come to the fair.

"Despite this, Ohio will move on. It doesn't mean we won't remember yesterday," Kasich said.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is serving as the lead investigator in the case, after it was revealed the ride was inspected Wednesday morning, before it opened. Inspectors also said the ride had been looked over between three and four times prior to the fair's opening.

Officials said 11 rides didn’t open at the State Fair grounds because of inspection issues, Wednesday --- the inaugural day for the 2017 State Fair.

At least four rides were not operating because they didn’t meet mechanical tests.

Re-inspections are completed on rides like these to make sure the device meets manufacturer specifications.

Authorities said 4,300 rides are inspected across Ohio across amusement areas as varied as water parks and go cart parks.