An armed man shot and killed a police chief and two employees at a nearby nursing home in Kirkersville, Ohio, Friday morning.

No nursing home residents were injured.

Listen to the 911 calls as police and EMS were responding.

Kirkersville Police Chief Eric Disario was shot on a street near the Pine Kirk Care Center. The two employees and the gunman were found dead inside the care center.

In addition to Disario, the two other victims have been identified as Marlina Medrano and Cindy J. Krantz, 43, both of whom were employees at the nursing home.

The gunman, Thomas Hartless, 43, He was identified by family members.

Disario was found outside the nursing care center. Officials say the gunman took two passersby hostage in a small wooded area behind the nursing home. When the gunman was confronted by Disario, he shot Disario and the two hostages ran off unharmed.