“I hear people running and a little bit of screaming,” said Marina Nido, 19, of Richfield. “I look out the window and I see everyone running away.”

Those were the sounds Nido woke up to in her dorm room Monday morning – right across from where the shocking scene unfolded late this morning at Watts Hall at the Ohio State University Campus.

“I think the only reason I heard it was because the window was open. Lucky for me because I was just about to leave for class.”

Nido, a Revere High School graduate, said the classroom she was headed to is located about 500 feet from where the attack took place. It was a shocking scene to wake up after just spending the past week at home with family in Richfield.

“It is very scary knowing that this is happening and I don’t know what’s going to happen next.”

One of the main concerns Monday morning was focused on parents and loved ones getting in contact with students on campus – including the many students who call Northeast Ohio home. Gianna Paterniti, 18, of Chesterland, is a freshman who is new to campus this semester.

“It’s already kind of scary and overwhelming to be in such a big place and to move from such a small town in Chesterland to the city for school,” Paterniti. “And then this happens. It’s just crazy.”

Classes at OSU were canceled shortly after the reported attack. They are scheduled to resume on Tuesday.