CLEVELAND -- Tara Heidinger wants cameras in all special needs classrooms in Ohio. She started this campaign when her son, Corey, came home with bruises on his arm.

"He said the teacher was mean to me," Heidinger said.

She says her son is autistic and the school believed he made it up. There was no proof of abuse, so that's when this mom decided cameras should be in Ohio special needs classrooms.

"I want more eyes and ears in these classes," says Heidinger.

She hopes legislation will be introduced in Ohio soon. She has a Facebook page and supporters all over the country and world.

Not everyone agrees.

The Ohio Education Association said this:

"Incidents of abuse are abhorrent, but rare. Current school district policies guard against such incidents and provide the means to correct any neglectful or abusive practices. The ramifications of mandating cameras in the classroom pose greater issues for student privacy than merely seeking to eliminate abuse."

The ACLU of Ohio said it is concerned that this type of "surveillance" could be used not only to protect students but to possiblypersecute them. Tara plans to continue to gather support.