A small Northeast Ohio town is preparing for big changes Monday.

More than 1,000 people in Lordstown will lose their jobs indefinitely.

The Chevy Cruz plant is an integral part of that community.

1,250 employees begin their layoffs on January 23.

General Motors is suspending the third shift at the factory saying it’s simple supply and demand.

Cruze sales were down nearly 20 percent over the past year, even though a new version is only in its second production year.

It’s surprising because demand for the car was so high in June of 2016 that the company had to ship in more Cruzes from Mexico.

But dropping gas prices made consumers gravitate toward SUVs and away from cars.

Along with Lordstown, Lansing, Michigan is also taking a hit with 840 layoffs at a plant there.

GM says workers will get supplemental pay and state unemployment benefits. That help comes to just about a year’s worth of wages.

However, more than 1,000 jobs is a hard hit to the community of less than 4,000 people.

GM says it doesn’t know when employees will be called back to work.