CLEVELAND -- State Senator Nina Turner is getting more support in her push to be Ohio's next Secretary of State.

Howard Dean, governor of Vermont, has officially endorsed Turner with a message released to Democracy for America members at 6 a.m. Thursday.

In his message (read in full below), Dean says he supports Turner "because she will fight for Ohioans' right to vote."

Turner announced her candidacy for Ohio's Secretary of State last July.

In 2004, Dean ran in the presidential race.

Democracy for America, which has 30,401 members in Ohio and 1 million members nationwide, is the national progressive political organization founded by Gov. Dean.

Dean's official endorsement:

Jon Husted has spent the last four years as Secretary of State limiting access to the ballot box. It's been one partisan, undemocratic attempt at lowering participation after another.

Secretary Husted, Governor Kasich, and the Republican controlled Ohio General Assembly have eliminated Sunday voting, aimed at ending African-Americans' "Souls to the polls" efforts because they tend to vote for Democrats. Republicans reduced weekday evening voting and they have taken away six days of voting. Republicans know that when Ohioans vote, they lose.

Democratic Secretary of State candidate Nina Turner doesn't just talk the talk, she walks the walk -- literally. She recently simulated what a worker has to go through to vote in Cleveland thanks to Republican attacks on voting. People have to spend three hours just getting to and from the polls.

DFA and I are endorsing Nina Turner because she will fight for Ohioans' right to vote. Will you help her?

Nina Turner is fighting for all Ohioans to get the chance to vote regardless of race, gender, age, or economic status. She thinks that the ballot box should be the "great equalizer," no matter what shift you work or how far away from a polling location you live. This is one of the reasons that The Nation named Nina Turner "Most Valuable State Senator" in 2011. It's also why DFA members chose Nina Turner as their "Midwestern Hero" earlier this year.

Nina is the progressive choice for Ohio -- but she is starting this race with a disadvantage. Outside conservative groups and the Republicans are trying to buy the seat and beat her by outspending her.

Can you stand with Nina Turner against Republicans, the way she stood up for union workers against the GOP, the way she's fought for a minimum wage against Republicans? Nina has got a track record of fighting back, but we've got to make sure the playing field is level.

Thank you for helping us ensure that every Ohioan has the right to vote.